117th Canton fair


April of 2015 Year, we attend 117th Canton fair, it is our 1st time attending Canton fair. In this fair, we meet lots of clients from different market, Like Serbia, Uruguay, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South africa and so on...

In the fair, one of the model, because of new design with attractive colors win lots of orders, it is a big successful in 1st time of Canton fair.

During the fair, we also meet some key account customer from market, our professional experience worked with large customers, so this negotiate is great, and also much helpful for future cooperation.

The faith of our company is to get the market by professional operation, not only the low price, we'll make every customer assure and clear what they are buying from us, we treat everyone integrity first of all.


At the end of 2015, we organized a teamwork, and our dear customers joined us together. We went the city of playing movie, there are lots of ancient architecture, we introduced with our clients, they are very interested about it, and talked with us about their country’s culture.

We are very happy in this teamwork, our clients very like our team atmosphere, they said everyone with full of energy in the live and full of powerful in the work, they would like to work together with this team.

It is widely accepted that to work independently has the obvious advantage that it can prove one’s ability. However, we believe that teamwork is more important in the modern society and teamwork sprit has become a required quality by more and more companies.

In the first place, we are situated in a complicated society and we often encounter tough problems that are beyond our ability. It is especially at this moment that teamwork proves to be exceedingly important. With the help of the team, these problems can be solved easily and quickly, which could improve work efficiency.

Post time: Apr-07-2022