126th Canton Fair

We attended the 126th Canton Fair during Oct.15-19th, bring with our latest developed 12 different kind new design doors, Exterior Steel Doors, Fire-proof doors, French Glass Door and also accessories including quality handles and locks.

During the 5 days Exhibition, we have more than 30 customers to visit our booth each day, many of new customers who were attracted by our unique new design doors, stopped at booth and checking our doors’ quality, inquiring prices, finally started initial trial orders with us. Besides that, we also be so glad to meet our old friends who have already order with us on the fair, it just help to strengthen our relationship between each other.

After the fair finished, about 15 group customers visit our factory and evaluate our production capacity, finally 9 customers start to initiated a trial order with us, which build up a reliable business partnership between each other.

Overall, it’s a fruitful exhibition for us, we will continue to participate the Canton Fair twice a year as a routine, in every Spring and Autumn, we look forward to meeting you there and talking about how to boost your business with our newest designed doors.


A.C.E. Exhibition in India

The A.C.E. Exhibition was held during 19th-22th, December in New Delhi, India. We flied to Delhi with a team of three members, and participate it as a Exhibitor with our Latest designed new steel doors for Indian market.

On 18th.Dec, we spent one full day to build up our well-designed Stand with our conspicuous Company Logo, and installed our sample doors, gets everything ready for the opening of the show the next day.

The first day of the Exhibition on 19th , more than 50 customers visited our Stand, checking quality details, inquiring prices, and talking about orders. After some discussion with every visitor, we get to know each other much more, finally built up confidence and trust between us all. Besides new customer’s visiting, we also have some already cooperated Customers who flied from different parts of India to meet us on the Stand, they shown big interests in our new doors, we had pleasure talking and strengthened our business partnership.

On the 2nd day of the Exhibition, we are very honored to get Interviewed by a India local TV media, one of our Sales well-introduced our company and our unique steel doors, also answered several questions to the Interviewer. It’s really a great chance for us to show our brand to all Indian consumers, and we look forward to offering more and more well-design, good-quality steel doors to all Indian friends.

For us, it’s really a exciting exhibition, we made friends, got orders, built partnership, all are so valuable to our company, let’s expect to meet you again in the Exhibition next year.


Post time: Apr-07-2022